About Me

Hello! My name is Lisa Cerilli. I am a Graphic DesignerWeb Designer and Illustrator. My middle name means Friend of the Elves. I am a graduate of the Web Animation and Design, and Graphic Design programs at Georgian College and am looking to move forward in a creative and exciting way. I aspire to make information as pleasurable as possible, so that maybe it just might be interesting enough to read. I believe in looking forward, and continuing to learn. My work is clean and creative, I am all for Web Standards, and I believe I have the ability to get the message out to any market at any time with the right details given, and a nudge in the right direction. My inspiration comes from what I see or who I am around. I don’t think there has been one person I’ve met who hasn’t influenced what I have done. Any opportunity to expand my skills is a valuable one and I am always looking to learn new things. You can never stop learning.

Some samples of my work are available for viewing in my portfolio.

To contact me, email me at: lisa.cerilli@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!

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